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Monday, January 20, 2014


Looking back, the Shaman's diagnosis is.... "nature deprivation." Indeed! I said. A general prognosis "human doings" of their own lost and frightening societal facade have unknowingly become as a whole. Personally, I work very hard to maintain a solid foundation as a human being, not only for myself, but for the one true friend I've chosen to share this life path with. As a seeker, this intent filled process connects my spirit deeply within the spiraled meditative journey, Seidr and the indigenous shamanic practices of the six sacred directions. This Vardlokkur and earthen steward has found his strength, his purpose! Understanding my place within the vast Wyrd and the work for which I must offer through it has certainly become heightened. Now it is truly understood. Not simply through the healing arts of a Medicinal Musical, I spake of the devotional being, the sacrificial giving back, the honoring and action of WARmth! That every day battle for true love in the heart and the elusive flame rekindled primordial self. WARmth is waged upon those whom aim to destroy Mystery's song! However, I digress.... Still, as this most recent retreat observed, I enter my 41st year, finding my spirit a part of this vast "mare's nest" of disconnection, nature deprivation and perpetual disregard. Well, it had caught up with me once again. It had been over a full cycle of the great wheel's rotation since my last commune under veils of cedar and pine. My physical and mental status not well, as this tine severed long ago from Grandfather Elk falls upon environmentally poisoned ground. The daily toils of remaining a part of their society, absorbing the false security of modernity and its troubling urban sicknesses.... Breaking me down slowly. Not to mention, the work of patient ear, a living confessional (if you will) of friends and family penetrating my psyche like push pins to a map. Ah, It had been far too long since my last sacred retreat into the beautiful solitary wilderness. As always, the kiss of Skuld and her forever mark of Nauthic black fire, filled my blood with an intense necessity to become being. A being within the vast altar of the Mother, to reflect and alter!

The photograph above, which reminds me a bit of an Edward S. Curtis, was taken at the cabin adjacent to the humble lodge Rachel and I called home. When I say home, I truly and honestly mean home. In so many ways this is all I long for. So unbelievably correct coinciding with the man I've become. This was my dream come true. Yet, a slap in the face knowing what I must go back to. Perhaps one day Mystery will shine upon and open a path back to her? For now, I'll pray in one hand and defecate in the other to see which one fills up first.

Okay, well another facet of this retreat was to capture several recordings. Recordings of the environment yes, but also frame drum, flutes and vocals to be implemented into the next Blood of the Black Owl offering entitled "Soaring the Shadow Spiral". The many drum meditations and flute work turned out brilliantly and I look forward to beginning the process of composing around them, as well as placing said captures into existing movements already recorded. The above and following photographic elements were taken during this process. Courtesy of Rachel's stealth woodland eye.


Well, thanks for taking the time to read this little window into the recent. As mentioned in a previous blog, the new album is nearing completion and I'll have more to announce in the coming weeks.

Thanks for your time and interest,
-Chet W. Scott

Friday, January 10, 2014


I've now updated the store with free shipping here in the united states.
Thanks again to all for your continued support. New Merch items coming soon!