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​Our passion for releasing purely authentic, emotionally and ritually driven, beautifully honest art and music, has often been noted by journalists, critics and our own community to fall within the: "ACOUSTIC * AMBIENT * ANIMISTIC * AVANT-GARDE * BLACKENED AMBIENT * BLACKENED FUNERAL DOOM * CEREBRAL * DHARMIC * DRONE * ECO-ENVIRONMENTAL * ETHNIC * EXPERIENTIAL SHAMANISM * EXPERIMENTAL * FUNERAL FOLK * HALLUCINOGENIC * HARSH NOISE * HEALING * HEATHEN * MEDICINAL * MEDITATIVE * MINIMALIST * MOURNFUL CLASSICAL * MYSTIC * NATURAL * NEW AGE * ORGANIC * PAGAN * PANTHEISTIC * PROGRESSIVE * PSYCHEDELIC * RITUAL * RURAL FOLK * SOUNDSCAPE and SPIRITUAL" genres of underground sound.

Our smaller, first run pressings of 500 to 1,000 exclusively custom "6x6" (six panel) deluxe gate fold packaged compact discs (vinyl coming soon), are showcased within beautifully printed and professionally crafted rare paper stocks, utilizing the highest quality offset print production, foil stamping, letter pressing, varnishing, embossing and debossing available today!

​With open mind and flowing spirit, we hope you take the time to journey, to experience and embrace our recordings. We greatly appreciate your sincere interest and support folks. Authenticity is everything!

Deeply thankful, humbled and with honor,


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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


This will be your only chance to experience one of, if not arguably the best "Traditional Doom" albums EVER written!

More news forthcoming including a HUGE release announcement for Glass Throat Recordings, as well as the launching of Medicinal Musicals in 2017. 


--Chet W. Scott

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Join our INSTAGRAM page...

GTR has an Instagram account now and I've been posting up exclusive sneak peak LoFi videos and related content to upcoming releases and projects. Please feel free to join and "follow" @glassthroatrecordings through the pictorial link below if this is your sort of thing.

In other news,
I'll be heading off to Iceland here with my best friend in the next couple of weeks to engage in a profound and sacred journey, filled with a rich and deepening intent shared, as well as personal. One of these elements of the craft, will offer the very rare opportunity to capture and record foundation environmental recordings, as well as perspective mantric and galdr vocal arrangements, for the forthcoming 20th anniversary Cycle of the Raven Talons debut double LP collection.

Locations have been scouted through several cave systems, but most importantly, I'll find my spirit capturing the authenticity of the medicinal musical, through ritual and ceremony, within this last 20 minute meditation of said collection the Northern Altar (track 4) requires. I'll be documenting the recording sessions through the Instagram account for all of you interested in this process. May the vulture bone flute sing through the breath of mystery.

Here is a pic of said location entitled "Heimskautsgerðiðset" or "Artic Henge" located in Raufarhöfn, one of the most remote and northernmost villages in Iceland with a population of 194. I've also included a scale model pic of the entire sacred site when upon its completion. I truly look forward to not only the creative and artistic life this will give, but the vital clearing of spirit through a long meditation retreat as well.

 Be well folks and much more to come...Believe it or not.
As always, thanks for taking the time to read.
-Chet W. Scott

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Blood of the Black Owl "WARmth" black 3/4 sleeve w/black trim Alstyle Raglan jersey now available for pre-sale. This original sigil from Chet W. Scott will feature as a limited edition front print to coincide with the MMXV release of the 5th full length album "WARmth" from Blood of the Black Owl.

Sizes S/M/L/XL/XXL are available in Black ink upon a Raglan 3/4 sleeve black body with black trim "Alstyle" jersey.

Includes unlimited streaming of WARmth 2xCD via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Orders will begin shipping out on or around Saturday, July 16th, 2016.
this item is an edition of 65. 
Thanks folks for taking the time.
-Chet W. Scott

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Hey folks,
for those of you that enjoy this sort of thing, there is an official Glass Throat Recordings Instagram account set up for folks that have pined for a more "social media" presence. So please go hashtag crazy and spread the word and follow this account. Many relevant and exclusive things will be posted there first, so...
Also, thanks to my friends over at Waldhalla magazine Germany for all their wonderful support.
Be well folks and as always, thanks for your time.
-Chet W. Scott


The ELEMENTAL CHRYSALIS "Feathers of Lunation" 3rd full length album.
FEARTHAINNE "Currently untitled" 3rd full length album.
CYCLE OF THE RAVEN TALONS "An Offering to Mystery" debut double full length album.
More to be announced!

Monday, May 2, 2016


Hey folks,
We had such an amazing time at the premier of this wonderful film this past weekend. Thank you to director Neil Vokey for the warmth and support. It was truly a pleasure to work with him for this film. For those of you unaware, the entire film was scored from movements taken from my 2006 "Moss and Memory" collection. I now have 11 copies of the DVD in stock and with each sale of said DVD Film, you will receive a free download of the entire "Moss and Memory" album.

Please head over to the store here to purchase this film.

Here is the synopsis regarding the film. Thanks for your time folks.
-Chet W. Scott

"The story of a coal town that must reconcile a rebellious legacy to pave a new way forward..."

When highway signs commemorating folk hero Ginger Goodwin disappear, director Neil Vokey's documentary "Goodwin's Way" finds the nearby town of Cumberland, B.C. at a crossroads in its history.

Goodwin, a rebellious labour activist, was slain by police under mysterious circumstances almost a century ago, yet his name still elicits wounds that date back to the town's coal mining past. Residents weave an oral tapestry of fact and myth - some remember Goodwin as a criminal, while many others admire the ideals of equality and self-determination he fought for. Those ideals have long been overshadowed by Cumberland's dependency on a resource economy, which are chronicled from boom times to bust.

Now as young families set their sights on building a sustainable generation, a new proposal for a coal mine threatens to make history repeat itself. Amidst an effort to oppose the project, residents young and old reconnect with Ginger Goodwin's legacy - his "way".

Goodwin's Way straddles the dividing line between historical and current-event documentary genres to tell the story of a community fighting for autonomy over its past, and its future.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Hey folks,
Many moons ago, hark back to the summer solstice of 2006, coinciding with the initially released standard pressing of 1,000 deluxe gatefold CD copies, a limited edition handmade box ("den") version was offered as well. *GTR-013*

I currently have one :Ruhr:Hunter: "Moss and Memory" limited edition "Den" left in stock! This item was limited to 175 hand numbered artifacts and will never be made available again!

 The 10th anniversary of the "Moss and Memory" collection is quickly approaching in just a few weeks and with it, i have many wonderful memories of Rachel and I gathering the den's contents within many a woodland hike, as well as hand crafting and ritually charging items within these shared altars. So much energy, time and beautiful forest found gifts great mystery had provided the spirit to implement into these ceremonial artifacts. I just recently crafted one of the last Dens and it really hit home with much nostalgic value and the knowing of how important this artifact was and is for the many folk whom I was so very humbled and honored to share this with. Here is a pic of said recent den.

I think back to every den and just how different they all were from one another. How much I've grown personally since the initial release of this collection and how this knowing was to play a vital role towards authenticity, deepening intent and the adornment of sacred mystery.

I am reminded of how those of you whom have some of the very first crafted dens, buried under ritual soil, ash and bone. All the stories and letters I've received throughout the years, regarding personal experiences of enacting ritual by unveiling the CD artifact from its contained contents. Some were funny, some folks were confused. Yet most were quite touching and deeply humbling. I recall the incredible honor it was to learn the "Moss and Memory" collection through varied press and peers, was and perhaps still is in some circles, considered one of the most influential and important ritual soundscape collections to ever be offered. I can only ever hope that the medicine I work so very hard on within these medicinal musicals I have to offer continues to yield potency. I believe it will, as my pathwork through mystery has become deeper than ever before. With that said, I'm nearly 50% finished and diligently working hard on the 20th anniversary debut Cycle of the Raven Talons collection. Honestly, I have never felt so grounded and truly all the way alive through this musical medicine.

I want to take this moment and thank the 175 folks for partaking in this, well, ten year ritual if you will of growth and connection. Especially my life partner Rachel, without her brilliant inspiration and crafting assistance non of this would have been possible!

So, there is one left! Yes, some of you may have noticed the price was raised a bit for this one. I've had something planned big for the very last artifact for some time. It will contain items that have been with me for a long time and i hold close to heart. I look forward to sharing this one last den with you. Here are some pics from other artifacts through out the years.

Be well and more to come.
-Chet W. Scott