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Thursday, February 9, 2012


Greeting folks,

First, thank you for taking the time to read. Also, much warmth for showing such amazing support since launching this blog and a newly developed digital store.

Well, with that said, I felt it was time to humbly introduce some of the arts and crafts that exists within the shadows of my many musical and digital design offerings. I've been deeply focused on other creative endeavors outside of music and I felt compelled to embrace all of these under one umbrella, thus the creation of the "Twig Eater Ritual Crafts" moniker and logo was born.

For a number of years now, through ceremonial offerings and altar work, I've also ritually practiced on a daily level with sacred burnings or spiritual cleansing. Combined and strictly using these sacred four gifts from the Mother: White Sage, Cedar, Sweet Grass and Lavender, I've been fortunate to understand, respect and connect deeply within the process of growing and crafting my own cleansing bundles. I have truly felt the warm healing and peaceful medicine their sacred breath offers my spirit. A spirit that is known to engage spiraling depression, anxiety and several physical ailments, including an eating disorder introduced by the poisoning mental abuse of all previously mentioned and a societal food supply that clearly moved far, far away from the Earth's breast to the test tube.

But I digress...

The White Sage and Sweet grass used within my bundles are strictly purchased or traded directly from the first nations or indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest. For roughly 10 plus years now I've been attending an annual gathering locally to purchase supplies and hear the Native Elders speak. There, other tribes from Southwestern regions attend and bring with them sacred sage. I personally find an offering of sage is best embraced from the hands of the Native. Not only out of respect for all tribal nations, but regarding a deepening spiritual respect for the plant & the region it comes from as well.

The Cedar used within my bundles is one of the many sacred gifts of the Pacific Northwest. The cedar is gathered from fallen old growth branches after the winds of Father Sky have offered them back to the soil.

The Lavender is grown myself with much love, honor and respect and I have now begun to grow my own sweet grass to honor, strengthen and deeply charge the cleansing that much more. May great Mystery see this through...

I have made several bundles for very close friends, family and as a part of the "Moss and Memory" limited edition dens. I would never consider selling the cleanse by modern standards out of respect. But I will certainly consider trades for crafts, music, art and other sacred offerings I find a connection towards.

On a different note, I've been burn carving amuletic sigils into hides. They have been presented as protective house warming, wedding, friendship and ritual gifts to close friends for several years. However, I'm now considering crafting these for others if they wish. Below are a few decent pics of some helms I have crafted for folks. I typically imbue the center of each wheel with an agate, or something of relevant nature to the piece and fill the entire carving with a mixture of ground elk antler & sage. I'll work with any color hide of choice but limit the totemic value towards Elk, Moose, Bison and Deer for now.

Here was a wedding gift that was carved into a white African Water Buffalo hide. The sigil was imbued with eight Porcupine quills, as well as a centering agate within a sacred wheel of antler/sage powder. The feathers are Crow.

This piece was a friendship offering for a beautiful spirit carved into a North American Bison hide adorned with Crow feathers. The centering piece features well being made from gathered rabbit teeth.

The next piece was a 40th birthday gift for a very close friend. Carved into North American Bison. The feathers are both Crow and Blue Jay. The braids of strength represent the four sacred directions, color coded to honor the four great races. The braids are adorned with Coyote leg bones, painted with the Elder Futhark to coincide with the teachings of the sacred four directions...From my personal study and perspective.

This last piece is inspired by Ægishjálmur and was imbued with an Irminsul amulet. Carved into North American Bison, this piece found its way into the hands of my spiritual brothers from Finland. The feathers are once again Crow & Blue Jay with the addition of old growth cedar.

Finally, this year I have plans to craft my own clay ritual cleansing bowls and look to fire the crafts within a traditional Native open fire pit. I've also become deeply interested in etchings and plan to craft a few sigils within this medium as well. So if all flows well within these undertakings, then I'll look to share this art with those interested in such artifacts.

Once again, thank you for your time. If interested in the burn/carved wheels, please feel free to get in touch with your own personal intent within a runic sigil and anything you wish to adorn the artifact with and a quote will be provided.