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​Exclusively through GLASS THROAT RECORDINGS and MEDICINAL MUSICALS, you'll discover in depth information regarding Chet W. Scott's own solo and collaborative musical offerings known as: CYCLE OF THE RAVEN TALONS (formerly "Ruhr Hunter"), BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL, the ELEMENTAL CHRYSALIS, FEARTHAINNE (also known as "Rain") and CEDAR SPIRITS.

​Our passion for releasing purely authentic, emotionally and ritually driven, beautifully honest art and music, has often been noted by journalists, critics and our own community to fall within the: "ACOUSTIC * AMBIENT * ANIMISTIC * AVANT-GARDE * BLACKENED AMBIENT * BLACKENED FUNERAL DOOM * CEREBRAL * DHARMIC * DRONE * ECO-ENVIRONMENTAL * ETHNIC * EXPERIENTIAL SHAMANISM * EXPERIMENTAL * FUNERAL FOLK * HALLUCINOGENIC * HARSH NOISE * HEALING * HEATHEN * MEDICINAL * MEDITATIVE * MINIMALIST * MOURNFUL CLASSICAL * MYSTIC * NATURAL * NEW AGE * ORGANIC * PAGAN * PANTHEISTIC * PROGRESSIVE * PSYCHEDELIC * RITUAL * RURAL FOLK * SOUNDSCAPE and SPIRITUAL" genres of underground sound.

Our smaller, first run pressings of 500 to 1,000 exclusively custom "6x6" (six panel) deluxe gate fold packaged compact discs (vinyl coming soon), are showcased within beautifully printed and professionally crafted rare paper stocks, utilizing the highest quality offset print production, foil stamping, letter pressing, varnishing, embossing and debossing available today!

​With open mind and flowing spirit, we hope you take the time to journey, to experience and embrace our recordings. We greatly appreciate your sincere interest and support folks. Authenticity is everything!

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Monday, January 19, 2015


I'm excited to announce a new distribution relationship with Germany's Dark Vinyl Records. Honestly, in recent years, I've felt labels, distributors and mail-orders have turned their backs and in some cases, blatantly ignored the artists and releases of Glass Throat Recordings.

With that said, I'm honored and tremendously humbled to say that Glass Throat Recordings first and foremost, has been built upon the folk and not the pompostic industry. Throughout these said years, it has been the people's word of mouth that have kept Glass Throat Recordings authentic and humble. I'm deeply in debt to you all for becoming such a strong foundation for the spirit of this vision. Trust me there have been many times I've been ready to throw in the towel!

So, having DV reach out with such enthusiasm and support truly helped to rekindled that particular flame once again. The German underground art and music communities throughout the years, regarding various aspects and levels of the industry, have been brilliantly supportive of my own sounds and the releases of GTR. Once again, DV continues to show this respect. Thank you Uwe and company as I'm so honored to have it.

ON A DIFFERENT NOTE, I've been noticing, as I know YOU ALL have been receiving our older posts being resent to my subscribers. I have no idea as to why this has been occurring. They are random and usually posts from a couple years ago. I've inquired regarding the matter with blogger and to no avail. So, I'm wondering if any of you out there know of a much better "free blog" to be used as a news format I could move to? Other than FB! Or, perhaps some of you may have some answers as to why this is happening and how to fix it? My apologies to all of you whom have continued to receive e-mails that are outdated. Perhaps some of you deleted your subscriptions cause of it, if not thank you for your patience. 

Well folks, it's been sometime. Really nothing much more to mention as of late regarding music. Perhaps I could bring up a potential release schedule, however I'd really prefer to not jump the gun till things have been truly set in stone. One of which pretains to a potential release for GTR that is ***SO EXCITING*** I just can't believe it. I can only hope you will all feel the same as I do, providing you follow this solo artists career. If so, then it's safe to say you will. :-)

Anyhow, MMXV should be a good year and long over due for Glass Throat Recordings.
Thanks for your time as always folks,