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Monday, September 7, 2015



Thanks to the unbelievable support of "WARmth" digital sales thus far, I have decided to release the collection on 2xCD due to its program length through my own Glass Throat Recordings (GTR-024). I'm shooting for an October 31st release date providing all runs smoothly with the pressing and crafting of said project. The 2xCD format will feature the same unmastered recordings as the digital release most of you already have. I just kinda like it the way it is. (((d-_-b)))

Regarding this artifact, I'm excited to offer a more appropriate kind of packaging, other than the standard oversized deluxe gatefold Glass Throat Recordings is known for. A packaging I'm tediously hand crafting myself. So with that said, the 2xCD release of "WARmth" will be MADE TO ORDER, so I would ask for your patience folks towards receiving it. I've already begun this process so I may be prepared for the initial order frenzy I'm gratefully expecting upon release.

The discs will be professionally pressed and enclosed within a hand cut tooled and sewn Elk and or Bisson hide sleeve(s). Imagine and with all do respect, a medicine pouch of sorts. Here are some photos of the beginning stages of this process.

Each sleeve will have a professionally printed double sided card insert, with information and a photograph of the ritual sculpture that visually conveys the intent of this collection. The very same photograph currently used for the digital release of "WARmth." The most exciting aspect of this crafting will be the adornment of a custom branding upon the cover of every sleeve. Said iron branding will feature a personal sigil of my own craft, which also coincides with the deepening intent of the "WARmth" collection. More details and pics once the iron has been forged and ready for use.

With the purchase of every CD format of this release, you will receive an automatic free lossless digital download via the Glass Throat Recordings Bandcamp store.

This special edition 2xCD format of "WARmth" will be made available exclusively through Glass Throat Recordings ONLY!
***No trades, no distribution!***   

I am currently seeking an artist for an original T-Shirt/merchandise design to coincide with the release of "WARmth" as well. Will certainly keep you posted.

Thank you folks for your time and interest. More information regarding this release will be posted right here in the coming weeks.

Be well,
-Chet W. Scott 

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Evergreen said...

I can't wait to have one.